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With Early Diagnosis a Small Cavity Can Be Repaired with a Filling

There are rare and unfortunate times when even a consistent oral hygiene routine using high-quality oral hygiene products can’t prevent a cavity from afflicting one of your teeth. A problem like this could be the result of deeply textured tooth enamel trapping bacterial deposits or a chip that harbors plaque buildup.

Regardless of the underlying source, a tooth compromised by bacterial tooth decay needs to be treated by Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier. With early detection and diagnosis, a small cavity can be repaired with a dental filling.

After the tooth has been thoroughly numbed, Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier will use a dental drill to remove any decayed tooth enamel. This will provide a clean, healthy enamel surface for the eventual filling to bond to.

Composite resin or amalgam fillings will then be prepared and applied to the tooth enamel. Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier will use a special ultraviolet light to cure and harden the filling. This will effectively secure the filling’s bond with the surrounding tooth enamel.

Minor improvements in your daily oral hygiene routine and regularly attending your dental exam will help ensure that the filling lasts for many years to come.

If you live in the Logan, Ohio, area and you have a tooth with a cavity, you should not delay in calling 740-380-1333 to have it examined and treated at Logan Family Dental.

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