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Why Chewing on Pens can Destroy Teeth

Your teeth are designed to chew food, but that’s about all they can do. For some reason, many of us feel that our chompers can also perform a variety of other tasks, but doing anything other than chewing food (safely) with our pearly whites can result in major harm. Be watchful of the following practices:

Using drugs or alcohol. When we say that your pearly whites are just for chewing food, that’s exactly what we mean. Using drugs or alcohol can severely harm your pearly whites (and gums), as well as cause a host of additional conditions for your body. Strive to limit your intake of drugs and alcohol and your pearly whites will thank you with a brilliant smile.

Crunching tough food. Lollipops and Jawbreakers are made to be dissolved slowly, not crunched on. Despite this, we see lots of patients who’ve fissured their chompers biting down onto a tough candy (or other tough food). If munching away on rough food is a challenge for you, consider skipping hard foods for treats of a softer variety.

Chewing on pens. Chewing on pens decays your enamel, and as the pen becomes harder over time, the possibility that you’ll chip your teeth chewing it also elevates.

With these bad habits in mind, we hope that you have a strong oral future ahead of you. And yet, we understand that accidents do happen. If you’ve damaged a tooth, please call 740-380-1333 now to set up your next visit with Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier and our Logan Family Dental staff in Logan, Ohio.

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