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Partial Dentures and How They Change Your Smile

You can receive a removable dental appliance if you have lost several teeth in one area of your mouth and need to regain your smile’s function. Logan Family Dental provides custom-made partial dentures for patients who lost teeth and have large tooth gaps. We are pleased to offer a review of partial dentures and how they change your life immediately and in the long run.

Partial dentures can look like natural teeth since they are comprised of a pink base similar to gums and custom designed artificial teeth. The appliance attaches to the neighboring teeth to remain securely in place. Many patients undergo a period of adjustment and can experience the following sensations of partial dentures:

– At first, the appliance may feel bulky and unnatural, but your mouth with eventually accept the new teeth and no longer notice their presence.

– Before inserting and removing your dental appliance becomes second nature, you may need to practice several times and exercise care so that you don’t bite down on the appliance when putting it in your mouth.

– Our dentist will notify you on how long your partial denture needs to be worn each day, and she will provide other specific instructions.

– Your diet will change after you receive partial dentures, which are not as secure as your natural teeth, and you should eat soft foods in small bites until you are confident enough to enjoy solid food.

– If you have some difficult speaking, schedule yourself some time to read aloud every day, with particular focus on tricky words.

Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier and our team invite you to contact Logan Family Dental at 740-380-1333 today to meet with our dentist about receiving partial dentures in Logan, Ohio.

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