The Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Teeth

Do you ever wonder why your dentist, Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier, recommends brushing your teeth twice a day? If so, you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist is happy to tell you the reasons why you should brush. The more you know, the better chance you have... Read more »

Tricks for an Easier Dental Visit

If you or your child gets nervous in the dental chair, then our dentist, Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier, is happy to help you learn how to eliminate those nerves and have a more relaxing dental appointment! The more comfortable appointment you have, the better. Our dental team wants you to... Read more »

Facts and Information About Root Canal Therapy

If you’re looking for facts and information about root canal treatment, then you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier, is happy to share some facts about it. The more you know about root canal treatment, the better. In fact, it might even help... Read more »

The Basics: Dental Floss

Never let your teeth and gums become victims of poor oral hygiene habits. Even if you visit your dentist for routine checkups and examinations, you will still need to put forth a modest amount of effort to keep your smile clean. This includes removing plaque and debris that may begin... Read more »

Saliva Facts

There is a reason you salivate. Saliva is very beneficial for your teeth, gums and smile. In fact, it can help you in more ways than you might realize. To help you know all about saliva and the benefits associated with it, our dentist, Dr. Barrie Suzanne Zweier, is happy... Read more »

Partial Dentures and How They Change Your Smile

You can receive a removable dental appliance if you have lost several teeth in one area of your mouth and need to regain your smile’s function. Logan Family Dental provides custom-made partial dentures for patients who lost teeth and have large tooth gaps. We are pleased to offer a review... Read more »

All About Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are plastic coatings that cover the surfaces of the teeth and protect them from harmful substances. So, if you’re wanting to maintain a strong and healthy smile, then dental sealants could be right for you! This treatment is clear, so you won’t be able to see it, and... Read more »

Why Dental Hygiene Makes a Significant Impact for Children

Baby teeth fall out either way, so what good does it do to care for them? If that’s what you think, then this blog is for you! Baby teeth are imperative to your child’s overall health, both in childhood and adulthood. Find out why by reading on below, and ensure... Read more »

Common Oral Health Reminders: Gum Disease Risk Factor Prevention

  Improving oral health often consists of determining if any gum disease risk factors are present. If you are at risk for gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, it means that the chances of suffering gum tissue infection are greatly enhanced. However, several treatments are present that can be... Read more »

A Chipped Tooth is at Increased Risk for a New Cavity

Small chips and minor fractures that affect a tooth’s enamel layer can sometimes appear benign yet they could harbor latent trouble in the future. Even if the affected tooth doesn’t cause any immediate distress you should still have the tooth examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Barrie Suzanne... Read more »